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ICE HairGel - 4.4oz / 125g
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Description: Instant-cold-emulsion powder that contains a gel thickener and a hair styling aid. CAS number: 9002-88-4, 9003-39-8, 9003-04-7. INCI Name: Polyethylene, polyvinylpyrrollidone, sodium polyacrylate. Properties: Able to form instant gel texture upon addition of water without heating. Provides exceptional suspending and emulsification and leaves a soft, smooth feel. Ideal for making hair styling gels. Use: Add 4-10% to cold water, hydrate and blend (stick blender) until smooth. Add additional ingredients such as oils, extracts, proteins and vitamins and mix again well, or use on top of another emulsion to stabilize and thicken. For external use only. Application: Molding creams, gels, lotions, hair styling products.
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